Quotation Request

In order to give you a quote, several variables have to be taken under consideration. We can do an on-site inspection or you can send us photos and measurements. Site and project specific details that we need are as follows;

  1. Type of Work Required: Cleaning and painting, cleaning only, painting only, etc.
  2. Surface Area:  Alternately you can supply us with the dimensions of the machine.
  3. Accessibility:  How easy or difficult is it to get at the machine.
  4. Lead Time:  When would you like to have the work done.
  5. Special Requirements/Hazards: Anything that you can think of that we should know about.
  6. Machine Type:
  7. Location: Indoor, outdoor
  8. Your Industry: Manufacturing, Dealer, Auctioneer, etc.
  9. Number of Units or Frequency Needed 
  10. Expected Results: (if any)
  11. Expected Budget: (if any)
  12. Photos: For a quick quote with on-site inspection.


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